P+S Technik offers Evolution upgrade, new camera plates for Freestyle Rig

Germany-based P+S Technik has developed a new Evolution upgrade for its Freestyle Rig, which consists of two stronger camera plates designed for heavy camera setups. The new Evolution modification includes newly designed camera adapters to ensure stability for some of the heaviest camera setups now being used.

The adapters are currently being used in combination with ARRI Alexas on the current production of “The Three Musketeers 3D.”

In addition, the roll-, tilt- and height-adjustment mechanisms are much more stable to suit heavy setups up to 16.5lbs. But thanks to its carbon-based design, the Freestyle Rig is still among the lightest rigs in the industry.

The new camera adapters (as well as the older, modified lightweight camera adapters) ensure a quick setup, a quick adjustment/calibration and constant stability of settings. This is especially important for broadcast applications.

The Evolution upgrade facilitates a quick setup and calibration process as well as stable alignments for broadcast and digital film applications. A variety of mounting accessories make this rig ideal for Steadycam, shoulder, crane and dolly use.

If users want to tilt the Freestyle Rig on a tripod they can use the Freestyle Rig Low Mode Interface Plate. To reduce the flexibility of the Sony PMW-EX3 housing, P+S Technik has designed a particular reinforcement bracket, which can be directly mounted on the standard camera plate. When mounting broadcast Sony V-Mount cameras on the standard camera plate, P+S Technik has developed a V-Mount accessory. Additionally, there’s a special camera plate to properly mount the heavy ARRI Alexa on the Freestyle Rig.

In all cases, users should order a pair to support both cameras.