Prime Focus Technologies Launches Digital Media Services Cloud

The solution was dedicated at the Marriott Hotel in Mumbai Oct. 24 by Amitabh Bachchan.

MUMBAI — Prime Focus Technologies has launched True North, a digital media services cloud. The 24x7x365 global content operations hub spread across 106,000 square feet, manages over 300,000 hours of content, over 100 TV shows daily and is the digital backbone for over 200 TV channels.

True North is built on a 17 Gbps media network and powers CLEAR, PFT’s Media ERP platform. True North is a digital media services cloud doing unified transcoding, preparation, packaging and delivery.

“As a global content operations hub, True North will add to the already existing 300,000 hours of content under our management, which has led to a robust growth of 300 percent over the past three years for PFT,” said Ramki Sankaranarayanan, Prime Focus Technologies founder, president and CEO.