PrepSpin broadcasts high school sports with Viewcast gear

PrepSpin, a Kentucky-based sports broadcasting company, is using Osprey 460e video capture cards and Niagara 2100 and Niagara 4100 streaming media systems from ViewCast to broadcast youth, middle school, high school and other sporting events on the Internet.

Since starting in January 2010, PrepSpin has broadcast more than 700 live and on-demand sporting events. It has not encountered any audio sync or video buffering issues with the Osprey 460e video capture cards. The video quality, it said, is so good that PreSpin is able to broadcast feeds to local TV channels as well.

ViewCast said hundreds of games are now webcast each week, and thousands of high schools are also now webcasting educational TV programs and teacher-produced content. The company believes that most high schools will be equipping themselves for streaming capabilities within the coming decade.

PrepSpin plans to use ViewCast’s Osprey 460e and Niagara 2100 and will soon introduce the high-definition capabilities of the Niagara 4100 system to stream upcoming events, including the popular Kentucky Basketball Showcase (and pre-season event): the “Clash at Cameron” High School Basketball Showcase in Durham, NC; various roller derbies; Professional Indy Circuit Wrestling; and any one of more than 200 high school athletics events scheduled for later this year.

ViewCast’s solutions simplify the complex workflows required for the web-based streaming of news, sports, music and other video content to computers and mobile devices, empowering broadcasters, businesses and governments to easily and effectively reach and expand their audiences. More than 400,000 video capture cards have been deployed globally.