Premium TV streams media with ATG encoders

Premium Television has selected eight ATG Broadcast 230RMS rack-mounting encoders to stream live and on-demand programs using the Microsoft Windows Media Platform (WM9).

Each of the 230RMS encoders consists of a 3GHz PC processor with 1GB of RAM and a 160GB hard disk drive, plus an Osprey 230 module, all in a 2U chassis. The Osprey-230 is a half-slot PCI bus processor that captures full-motion video from standard or professional PAL or NTSC together with audio sampled at 32-, 44- or 48kHz. Features include logo overlay and dedicated audio gain control.

Paul Court, head of Infrastructure & Technical Services at Premium Television, said the ATG encoders have significantly increased the streaming capacity the station is able to offer subscribers. A Makeni Auto Timer software has been integrated into one of the encoders to allow the company to perform unattended overnight ingest of content arriving from other time zones. This material is then edited (with logos and other interstitial elements) and prepared for air.

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