Portugal’s ZON Adopts Harmonic Transcoding

SAN JOSE, CALIF.: Harmonic announced that ZON, the leading Portuguese cable and satellite provider, has chosen Harmonic transcoding technology for over-the-top video. Harmonic ProMedia Carbon file-based transcoders—managed by the Harmonic WFS file-based workflow system—and ProStream 4000 real-time transcoders, are now providing ZON subscribers with access to live, streamed video on TV and video-on-demand services on TVs, PCs, tablets, and other IP-connected devices.

ZON VOD services are powered by Harmonic ProMedia Carbon transcoders, which handle SD/HD conversion, PAL/NTSC conversion, logo insertion, color space conversion, color correction, and closed-captions extraction. The cable and satellite provider’s multinode ProMedia Carbon transcoding farm, which can be scaled up as its needs increase, is integrated with Microsoft PlayReady digital rights management.

Harmonic's file-based WFS controls the ProMedia Carbon transcoding farm by providing automated processing of high-volume transcoding tasks, failover support, job distribution management, job prioritization, load balancing, FTP transfer, status monitoring, and job notification. ProStream 4000 transcoding supports ZON live television services by providing simultaneous processing of up to 48 video inputs and transcoding of up to 18 multiscreen profiles and 12 SD or four HD broadcast profiles per 1 RU.

The DVB cable and satellite headend at ZON features existing Harmonic technology that works alongside the new ProStream, ProMedia, and WFS gear.