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Portugal’s CLS Audiovisuais mixes with Euphonix consoles on the road

CLS Audiovisuais recently completed the surround-sound audio mix for the worldwide broadcast of the “New7Wonders” concerts using a mobile recording studio outfitted with a Euphonix System 5-BP audio console. The console allowed CLS’ operators to mix and manage the live, HD, surround-sound broadcast with ease.

CLS managed the broadcast of the “New7Wonders‚” a campaign to name the new seven wonders of the modern world — in front of 50,000 spectators in Lisbon’s Benfica Stadium and a television audience of millions. The live mix featured performances by Jennifer Lopez, Jose Carreras, Dulce Pontes and Chaka Khan.

In 2006, CLS launched its state-of-the-art mobile recording truck, which includes a fully automated System 5-BP with 72 faders, 154 DSP channels, 96 analogue inputs, 48 analogue outputs and 168 AES/EBU inputs and outputs. CLS’ audio engineers can also mix tracks from a 96-track Pro Tools HD3 linked to an Apple Power Mac G5 DAW as well as a 112-track Nuendo 3 DAW with MADI card on the console, which includes full Euphonix mix automation. The truck also boasts a Genelec 8050A the 5.1 surround system, a B&W 801D Nautilus for stereo monitoring, a TC Electronic System 6000 for effects, and a Bonsai Rosendhal hard-disk recorder for video monitor and playback.

In addition to a variety of major telecasts, concerts, and award-winning band recordings for DVD, CLS has mixed some of the largest sports events in the world including the FIFA World Cup, the A1 Grand Prix and the Rally Lisbon-Dakar.

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