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Polar Bear Makes Away With Tripod

BARTER ISLAND, ALASKA: A group of videographers shooting polar bears in Alaska got a wee surprise when one of them charged, the Telegraph reports.

“One of the bears got curious and started running across the ice towards us,” Peter Haworth of Bristol, England told the publication. “The adrenalin was flowing as we kept taking pictures but then suddenly realized how close the bear was getting so snatched up our gear and dived into the trucks.”

The bear proceeded to knock over the abandoned tripods, pick one of them up and walk off with it. Haworth managed to snap a still shot of the bear chewing the camera accessory.

“He went to one of the other bears and dropped it next to them and the pair had a bit of a gnaw at it,” Haworth told the Telegraph. “They obviously didn't like the taste and wandered off.”