Playbox Neo To Unveil EAS Integration, New TS Time Delay Features

Playbox Neo UI
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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.—Playbox Neo will feature its latest broadcast TV channel branding and playout advancements, including integration of Emergency Alert System (EAS) and an expanded feature set for its TS Time Delay at the 2023 NAB Show, April 15-10, in Las Vegas.

The company will also show the latest generation of AirBox Neo-20 playout, ProductionAirbox Neo-20 production playout, Media Gateway live media delivery and distribution and Channel-in-a-Box TV branding and playout systems, it said.

“Media content owners and broadcasters demand efficient pre-installation planning, easy day-to-day operation and effective future expandability in their choice of playout solution,” said Van Duke, director of operations at PlayBox Neo.

“Our NAB Show demonstrations will cover the entire workflow from ingest, asset management, graphics creation, titling, subtitling, ad insertion and scheduling to playout and DRP. PlayBox Neo solutions range in size from compact on-site CIAB servers or cloud-connected SaaS up to globally transmitted multi-language networks with multi-time zone offset.”

The new EAS (Emergency Alert System) interface provides broadcasters with greater flexibility when airing emergency alerts and reduces the need for potential advertiser make-goods. Critical EAS data for crawls and audio is extracted within the AirBox Neo-20 streaming and broadcast playout module and the TitleBox Neo-20 character generator, the company said.

TS Time Delay gives broadcast channel managers efficient control over program playout to multiple time zones. Time delay can be preset to run in fully hands-off mode or switched at any time to alternative offsets, including a zero delay output for each input, it said.

New features include built-in decoders and encoders plus the ability to transcode output stream parameters such as data format, video resolution and frame rate, it said.

Timing adjustment can now be adjusted over a wider range. Previously controllable from 15 seconds up to several days, channel-specific playout can now be delayed from 1 second to several months. Multiple channels can be controlled within a single AirBox Neo-20 server, the company said. 

More information is on the company’s website.

See Playbox Neo in NAB Show booth C2427.

Phil Kurz

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