PlayBox Neo Playout Server Heading to Thailand Broadcaster

PlayBox Neo AirBox Neo tvN Thai
(Image credit: PlayBox Neo)

BANGKOK, Thailand—PSI Broadcasting, a supplier of broadcast playout facilities in Thailand, recently acquired PlayBox Neo’s AirBox Neo-20 Channel-in-a-Box TV playout system to be assigned to tvN Thai, which PSI transmits on behalf of Korean partner CJ ENM.

The AirBox Neo-20 can combine media files to be combined into a single transmission playlist with support for simultaneous multiple SDI/IP streaming UHD/HD/SD outputs. Files can be trimmed, edited or repositioned at any time prior to being aired, PlayBox says. In addition, playlists can be scheduled in advance; gaps and time overlaps are automatically corrected; and protection is offered for continued operation when content files or schedules are missing.

This is the 19th AirBox Neo system PSI has, and will enable PSI to supplement the tvN Thai channel with full backup redundancy, including automatic switchover between primary and secondary feeds, said Rattana Taipong, PSI Broadcasting technical manager.

With the addition of the new AirBox Neo system, Taipong says that tvN will now be able to deliver UHD, HD and SD from a single server.

All of PSI’s servers have upgraded to the Neo-20 software, which includes a web-based multiviewer with a resource monitor, SRT output support for video streaming via the internet, connectivity with third-party devices and the ability to output in a variety of video standards and frame rates.

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