Pixelmetrix intros DVStation-IP Portable

Pixelmetrix’s new DVStation-IP Portable helps ensure quality during transmission of MPEG-2 data over the Internet or other IP networks.

Pixelmetrix has introduced the DVStation-IP Portable, a new, stand-alone product for ensuring the proper transmission on MPEG-2 data over the Internet or other IP networks.

IP has now become a viable video delivery alternative to telecom leased lines, ATM and satellite circuits. The new portable system offers operational monitoring and quality control of such systems. The unit is also well suited to measure IP transport being used in both video backhaul and end-user distribution applications.

The DVStation-IP Portable supports 10-, 100- and 1000Mb/s Ethernet. Once connected to an IP network, the device can be set to sniff out video traffic on any set of IP address pairs, extract the MPEG-2 transport stream and perform extensive MPEG-2 verification.

For more information, visit www.pixelmetrix.com.

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