Pittsburgh Penguins Score Goal With Dalet Enterprise Edition

The Pittsburgh Penguins have selected Enterprise Edition, Dalet’s content management system, for the new Consol Energy Center, a progressive sports media production venue. The arena is designed to address the needs of all viewers, incorporating a vast variety of multimedia experiences, like media kiosks and LED displays at every turn.

Dalet will integrate the Pittsburgh Penguins production systems and content outlets though its media asset management framework, aggregating content and associated metadata from melts, ISO and arena cameras, custom logging and stats systems, and various image libraries into a central, content-rich repository equipped with an enterprise search engine accessible through a Web portal. With this technology, the assistant and head coaches will be able to quickly analyze game day and archival material during the game.

Using this management system consolidates a lot of the work and makes it more accessible to all.

“Dalet provides the framework and tools for staff to tap into the immense amount of media that is associated with live events and effectively utilize it. For the Penguin’s, real-time access to well-organized game content is a game changer,” said Benjamin Desbois, general manager, Dalet Media Systems, USA. “Dalet’s ingest tools and enterprise search engine enable the coaches to review not only game material during breaks, but also to retrieve past game plays from archives to analyze the competition. With fast access to critical information, they can change strategy to make game-winning decisions.”