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Pinnacle Systems debuts hybrid HD/SD real-time graphics systems

Pinnacle Systems has debuted a new real-time graphics products that switch in software between native high-definition (HD) and native standard definition (SD) operating modes. Using these new Deko Hybrid products, broadcasters can support both SD and HD production needs using a single system and user interface, minimizing equipment, installation, retraining and production costs while expanding HD services.

Deko 1000/Hybrid and Deko 3000/Hybrid support a wide variety of live sports, entertainment and newsroom environments. DekoCast Hybrid is designed for on-air edge graphics applications including channel branding, in-program promotions and advertising, sophisticated credit sequences, weather and other data-driven alerts. All three hybrid products generate graphics, process video and deliver output for native NTSC/PAL SD resolutions and native 720/1080 HD resolutions.

Deko 1000/Hybrid and Deko 3000/Hybrid are designed to simplify the process of working with 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio elements and layouts. In addition, the upcoming Deko software version 4.0 includes a multi-compose and multi-store technology that will allow users to create a single file that includes both HD and SD page layouts. At air-time, Deko will automatically select the correct version of the graphic based on the current video output format.

Deko 1000/Hybrid and Deko 3000/Hybrid are expected to be available in June 2005 in a single or dual channel configuration. DekoCast Hybrid is expected to be available fall 2005.

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