Pictorvision helps capture title sequences for the new ‘Hawaii Five-0’ TV series

The Pictorvision Eclipse stabilizer system was used to shoot the opening footage sequence of the new CBS series, “Hawaii Five-0.” The series premiered on CBS on Sep. 20.

With the help of the Eclipse, second unit director Brian Smrz shot two action sequences. The first was a pre-title sequence set in Korea (Hawaii) while the Steve McGarrett character is still in the Navy. The second was the final act for a foot chase aboard a docked ship. The cinematographer was Larry Blanford, aerial DP was Hans Bjerno, and the helicopter pilot was Fred North.

The Eclipse’s stability made difficult shots easier for both the cameraman and the pilot, allowing them to make much harder turns without “dumping” the system.

Eclipse allowed the team to get dynamic shots with action and energy, as they attempted to duplicate the opening sequences of the old show. The crew also had to chase and capture a helicopter with a heavy fireball. The whole thing needed a lot of speed. The Eclipse flew beautifully, according to helicopter pilot North, even at the end of a 275mm lens.