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Photon VFX Taps Nothing Real for HD Compositing

Compositing software maker Nothing Real has sold two Tremor HD compositing systems to Photon VFX, an Australia-based visual effects, design and production company. Photon also purchased two licenses of the company's flagship compositing product, Shake.

Tremor is designed to be a high-performance, nonlinear compositing system, engineered to handle the needs of film, high-definition video, commercial video and broadcast production professionals. It uses a new, simplified and streamlined interface, and its software is compatible with Shake and Shake's rendering engine, so projects can easily migrate from front-room to back-room to render farms. Tremor also incorporates best-of-breed technology running on Hewlett-Packard computers, DVS acquisition cards and Ciprico storage.

Photon stated that Tremor's SD, HD and 2K film compatibility, its HD I/O capability, and compatibility with Shake were factors in the purchase.