Philips to demonstrate multichannel HDTV PCI Express

Philips Electronics is demonstrating broadcast television reception using its new PCI Express technology. PCI Express will be a key feature on next-generation motherboards for desktop and notebook PCs and is expected to improve bandwidth optimization and increase robustness for multichannel multimedia applications.

Philips is showing broadcast audio/video decoding via PCI Express technology on the industry’s first multi-streaming hybrid analog and digital TV capture card semiconductor solution for a PC.

Philips said advanced video solutions based on the PCI Express architecture enable a multi-channel media experience with two HDTV video streams and outstanding quality for multiple standard-definition video streams. The PCI Express architecture improves bandwidth, allowing multiple streams for picture-in-picture and multi-channel scanning applications. The technology will run at 2.5GHz and transfer far more data per second than the existing PCI standards.

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