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Philips Intros ‘Immersion-type’ LED 1080p

Philips is rolling out what it says is a new wrinkle for LED technology (marketed as “Ambilight”) (opens in new tab) to be used under its Aurea brand that includes “a revolutionary active frame” designed to immerse viewers into video content by using a constantly variable light source outside the screen that matches the screen’s changing colors.

The exterior ambient light is designed to “extend” video images by creating a subtle halo effect on the wall behind the TV screen (and therefore within a viewer’s peripheral vision).

The modified form of LED is geared to enhancing and illuminating a fuller spectrum of colors than standard LCD. Philips, based in Amsterdam, said viewers have three light-key choices (ranging from “relaxed” to “dynamic”) to control immersion sensations and brightness.

The light emitted from each LED (available only in the 42-inch 1080p Aurea model) is divided into a couple of streams—one directed to the diffuser box to discharge light through the “active frame,” and the second stream redirected toward the back diffuser—thereby beaming soft light on the wall or backdrop surrounding the screen and creating a sort of “immersive experience,” Philips said.