Perfect Path HDMI cables with locking connectors now available to consumers

Perfect Path by PPC announced that its patented, high-speed HDMI cables with locking connectors are now available directly to consumers. These HDMI cables, which feature a locking mechanism that grips the HDMI port with more than six times the strength of a conventional connector, provide the highest level of security available against connectivity interruptions due to loose or faulty HDMI connections. The complete line of Perfect Path high-speed HDMI cables with locking connectors can be purchased online at, and, as well as at local retailers or through custom installers and residential integrators.

Perfect Path's patented locking device grips any HDMI port with up to 25lbs of retention strength and provides security against connectivity interruptions that occur in frequently accessed areas (i.e. home theaters) or even those caused by incidental bumping or shaking. Through careful research and testing, Perfect Path was also able to determine the appropriate level of retention to ensure secure connections that would still respond to unusual force — guarding against potential damage to the connected device.

Previously available only to professional installers and integrators, the Perfect Path locking HDMI cable has been in use by major cable TV operators for several years. The direct-to-consumer availability provides additional options for consumers whose installers are not using Perfect Path's locking cables.