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Path 1 announces pro-MPEG video over IP gateway

Path 1 Network Technologies announced the availability of its Vx8000 VoIP Gateway.

The Vx8000 is a multi-port, bi-directional IP video gateway. It enables broadcasters to deliver real-time, broadcast-quality MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video in both SD and HD formats to remote locations over public and private IP networks.

The Vx8000 uses the latest standards-compliant techniques for forward error-correction (FEC) that adheres to the Pro-MPEG Code of Practice (COP 3) for live broadcast applications. This FEC scheme is designed to compensate for IP network jitter, packet loss, duplicate packets and out-of-order packets so that video quality and integrity are not compromised as content is delivered in real-time.

With its multi-port and bi-directional capabilities, a single Vx8000 supports eight simultaneous ASI ports that would otherwise require eight separate IP gateways to deliver the same functionality. Because it is standards-based, the Vx8000 is also fully interoperable with virtually any type of networking equipment and can be deployed into any existing broadcast infrastructure.

Using the Vx8000, broadcasters can move live content from venues to studios and production facilities for content contribution applications, as well as backhaul the feeds to aggregation and distribution providers around the world. Leveraging Path 1’s advanced QoS technology, the Vx8000 shields the video from any impairments imposed by an IP network - public or private. Eight ASI input or output ports and Gigabit Ethernet network interfaces allow the Vx8000 to act as a bridge between encoded ASI digital video sources and IP networks, as well as provide IP to IP conditioning and transport.

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