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Pasternack Releases New Solid State, High Power Amplifiers

IRVINE, CALIF. – Pasternack has introduced a new line of solid state, high powered amplifiers that cover UHF, VHF, L, S and C frequency bands. The new portfolio consists of 22 models.

These RF amplifiers have output power levels greater than 10 watts that cover broadband frequencies from 150 kHz to 7500 MHz. Solid state 50 ohm hybrid MIC designs use GaN, GaAs or LDMOS transistor technology that offers high dynamic range and allows 40 to 60 dB of gain levels. Typical gain variation is ± 1.5 dB. Some amplifier models have output P1dB that range from +10 to +50 watts, while some have output saturated power levels ranging from +40 to +50 dBm.

Each of these amplifiers have single voltage supplies which are internally regulated and the circuits are enclosed in sealed metal packages. The amplifiers are designed to a variety of environmental conditions.

Pasternack’s new RF amplifiers are available and ready for shipping.