Panavision to Supply Panasonic HD Equipment

Panasonic Broadcast Audio has inked a deal to supply more than $2 million worth of high-definition products from Panavision and Deluxe Entertainment Services Group $2 million through 2007. The agreement includes cameras, recorders, production monitors and plasma displays.

"In the past few years, we have seen Panasonic products reach into `film-style' television production, one of our core businesses," said Bob Beitcher, president and CEO of Panavision. "As HD origination expands around the world, it makes logical business and technology sense for Panavision to offer a range of Panasonic equipment to our customers."

Both tape based and P2 storage technology will be part of the equipment package, and monitors will include a range of LCD technology sizes, as well as Panasonic's 65-inch plasma display.

"Panavision has a well-established, worldwide reputation for offering high-precision camera systems and associated production products, and we are delighted they are moving to Panasonic as a key digital camera systems supplier for both tape-based and tapeless solid-state memory-based P2 products," said John Baisley, president of Panasonic Broadcast.