Panasonic announces low-cost HD studio configuration

Panasonic is now offering a low-cost Camcorder Studio System that enables its P2 HD and DVCPRO HD camcorders to be configured for HD studio production.

The new Camcorder Studio System provides high-quality digital signal transmission at up to 328ft, full remote camera control and a range of professional features. It consists of a digital Base Station (AG-BS300), a camera adapter (AG-CA300G), extension control unit (AG-EC4G) and a viewfinder interface box (AG-YA500G). Additional accessories that allow the system to be customized for a variety of applications will also be available.

The studio system is compatible with the following camcorder models: the AG-HPX300, AG-HPX500, the AJ-HPX2000, AJ-HPX3000, VariCam 2700 (AJ-HPX2700) and VariCam 3700 (AJ-HPX3700) models, AJ-HDX400 and the AJ-HDX900.

The system will be available in four custom packages:

  • The 300Studio package is the base studio system solution, ideal for the HPX300 and other camcorders on which a camera monitor is used for the viewfinder. This system includes the camera studio adapter, base station and remote control.
  • The P2 Studio package includes the viewfinder adapter for those applications where the camera is used on-shoulder and return video is viewed from the viewfinder. This system, designed for mobile camera applications, features a camera studio adapter, studio base station, remote control and viewfinder adapter.
  • The 300StudioPlus and the P2 Studio Plus packages are slight variations of the other systems: the AG-EC4GY remote control is replaced with the more advanced AJ-RC10 remote control, which provides a wider variety control options and features.