Panasonic announces CRT performance in a new 17in LCD production monitor

Panasonic has announced an enhancement in the performance of high-quality production LCD monitors — the 120Hz 17in BT-LH1760. The new monitor offers wide off-axis viewing and color reproduction and provides the motion handling and latency advantages formerly provided only in CRT monitors. The LH1760 is a widescreen HD display that delivers impressive color reproduction and now offers a vectorscope function in addition to Panasonic’s standard built-in waveform monitoring function.

Using a new in-plane switching (IPS) panel with 1280 x 768-pixel native resolution, the LH1760 produces faithful color reproduction with twice the response speed of other currently available professional LCD monitors, so images clear even when displaying fast-motion content.

The LH1760 features a 120Hz refresh rate, double that of standard 60Hz LCD monitors. This enables the monitor to handle fast-motion content exceptionally well, minimizing image blur to a level never before seen in a professional LCD display.

In addition, this high performance production monitor is equipped with a built-in waveform monitor and vectorscope that display all picture lines for signal level monitoring. For critical HD focusing and comparison, the LH1760 comes with valuable functions such as pixel-to-pixel matching, which allows the user to see an input signal pixel by pixel without any resizing, and split screen/freeze frame (live input vs. freeze frame).

The LH1760 features an array of input/outputs to support virtually any production task including DVI-D input, two auto-switching HD-SDI/SDI inputs, component video (Y/Pb/Pr), RGB, PC RGB, external sync and speaker and headphone outputs. Additional standard features include embedded audio, time code, closed-captioning and an eight-channel audio level meter (via SDI).

Inheriting the rugged design of Panasonic’s line of production monitors, the rack-mountable LH1760 is thin, lightweight and durable, with a die-cast aluminum build. The compact monitor has low energy consumption and, because there is no need for a fan, offers quiet operation.

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