Panasonic announces an integrated camera and new compressions schemes

At IBC, Panasonic introduced the AW-HE120, an integrated full HD remote video camera with a pan-tilt head and IP connectivity that has a compact design approximately 60 percent smaller and lighter than the earlier model AW-HE100.

The camera features a 20X zoom lens and a 2.2 megapixel U.L.T. three-MOS image capture system with HD support.

Also at IBC, Panasonic highlighted user benefits for a wider range of codecs for professional content production. It showed how its latest “AVC Ultra” represents a new benchmark that, the company said, would change professional expectations of workflow technology.

Among other product introductions, the company launched the HDC-Z10000, billed as the world’s first integrated twin-lens 2-D / 3-D camcorder that is officially compatible with the AVCHD 3-D / Progressive standard. The new camcorder provides broadcasting image quality for 2-D and 3-D filming and manual operations for professional use.

The company also introduced two standard LCD Video Monitors with dual HD SDI inputs and LED backlight for professional use. The two monitors include a full HD 21.5-inch model and a WXGA15.4-inch model.

Panasonic also released the AV-HS410 Live Switcher. Its features include a substantially improved user interface and expandability to stereo 3-D support with a 7in color LCD panel. Also, it includes a new memory preview function, improved multi-view display and an all-in-one single ME switcher with expandability including stereo 3-D capability.

With LiveU at IBC, Panasonic also announced expanded collaboration to facilitate HD 3-D live mobile broadcasts over cellular networks for news, sports, music, corporate sponsorship and other high-profile events.