Pair of NEP units relies on Cobalt Digital converters for 3-D MLB production

Cobalt Digital's new Fusion3G converters were onboard NEP Productions' two 3-D production trucks as they provided coverage for MLB's historic first 3-D broadcasts of the 2010 Major League Baseball Home Run Derby and All Star Game in July.

The 9901-UDX 3G HD/SD-SDI up/down/crossconverters were integrated into the mobile units as a universal tool to convert, frame sync and color correct incoming and outgoing feeds between formats, including upconverting to 1080p.

NEP used the 9901-UDXs to frame sync incoming signals for the 3-D production. Two copies of a 2-D signal were created and an illusion of depth was generated by pixel shifting the right-eye feed. The UDX then upconverted the left- and right-eye signals to 1080p for 3-D monitoring.