PAG Rolls Out New Battery Mounts, Power Leads for DSLR and D-Cinema Cameras

LONDON–PAG has introduced new battery mounts and power leads that power digital single lens reflective (DSLR) and digital cinema cameras using its PAGlink battery system.

The PAGlink battery system was designed for multi-camera compatibility, adding efficiency because it utilizes V-Mount (V-Lok/V-Lock) Li-Ion batteries, designed for shoulder-mounted broadcast cameras.

When combined, two PAGlink batteries have a capacity of 192 watt-hours and a current draw capability of 12A. If required, PAGlink allows a third or fourth battery to be added. The system consists of compact, lightweight batteries that could be used individually for small, low power-consumption cameras (DSLR, Blackmagic Digital Cinema, Canon C300/500) which could then be linked, combining capacities for set-ups that have a higher power consumption or that draw a greater current (Arri Alexa, Red One/Epic/Scarlet, Sony F55/F65 etc). These packs incorporate the high-current contacts required for such demanding applications, and give users high-capacity Li-Ion batteries that are legally transportable by passenger aircraft.

PAG has introduced new V-Mount Plates for cameras which do not allow users to mount batteries directly, such as Blackmagic, Canon EOS 5D & 7D, Canon C300/500, Nikon D800, Red Epic and Scarlet. The solution uses accessory/mattebox 15mm or 19mm rods to mount the battery, and the V-Mount Plate can be configured horizontally or vertically, above or below the rods, to not obstruct the camera display or other accessories.

A 12V D-Tap output is incorporated, allowing the power connection to be made using a PAG D-Tap Power Lead specific to the camera, featuring an in-line voltage down-converter available for 7.2V to 8.2V cameras. It also incorporates the contacts required for the battery to communicate with the camera data system.