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PacTV Los Angeles Renovated as Global Broadcast Campus

LOS ANGELES— Pacific Television Center has completed the acquisition of its headquarters, located at 3440 Motor Avenue, Los Angeles. This purchase cements the future of the firm’s physical location, which now spans three buildings along Motor Avenue. The expanded real estate hosts the company’s Los Angeles Master Control Room, three HD studios, neutral colocation (colo) space, administration offices, client bureaus/offices and a 15-dish satellite park.

PacTV is now poised to expand its Los Angeles facility into a global broadcast campus, providing clients with a neutral and affordable POP in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Further, this acquisition has enabled PacTV to put into motion several upgrades and additions to its roster of clients and the services it will be providing, with a spotlight on increased colo space.

“Our innovative engineering team has been focusing on the intersection of broadcast and IT,” says Richard Neri, president, PacTV.

The Switch L.A. has taken up residence there and is planning a Network Operations Center, for which they have retained architect Robert Ward. Their NOC is expected to open later this summer.

Black Diamond Media, a longtime Los Angeles-based client, has moved into upgraded offices within the expanded campus. PacTV regularly assists Black Diamond Media with transmission requirements for publicity projects and will remain connected via fiber to PacTV’s HD MCR.

PCCW/Hong Kong Reach has come to an agreement to build into the PacTV campus. This service package will include colo storage space, cross connections and ports on PacTV's HD router.

Nexion has contracted additional rack space in their existing POP within PacTV's colo space for special event requirements, such as Oscars coverage.

Aruji Television has agreed to build a POP at the broadcast campus. As part of the plan, it will install a 30Mb circuit between its home base in Tokyo and Los Angeles.

Level 3 is undertaking final preparations to upgrade PacTV's OC48 circuits between Los Angeles and London, to two diverse 2.5G waves for enhanced protection on Level 3’s existing global network.

TV3 New Zealand has signed a three-year renewal that includes a circuit from London to Los Angeles, to Sydney to Auckland, and back.

Sky NZ has signed a three-year renewal that includes multiple enhancements to its existing HD services, which pass through PacTV Los Angeles.

As outlined by these new services, PacTV’s fiber connectivity is an attractive option for clients seeking to increase their global reach.

“Our proprietary fiber network started with a single 8Mb circuit between Los Angeles and Sydney,” said PacTV’s Richard Neri. “Today, we sit on a diverse fiber mesh with multiple carriers such as Wilcon, Verizon, LADWP, Level 3, XO, ATT and Time Warner, to name a few. All of the circuits circumventing our campus vary in type of capacity and have multiple points of entry in order to provide our clients the highest level of diversity and stability.”

The PacTV Los Angeles building will also undergo new hard- and soft-scape improvements, designed by landscape architects Rowe & Weathers.