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Outdoor Channel chooses Telestream to streamline workflow

The Outdoor Channel has implemented a number of video capture and transcoding products from Telestream to improve its operational efficiency and reduce its reliance on videotape.

Telestream’s Vantage was selected to automate critical, high-volume video transcoding and digital workflows across all departments, while the company’s Pipeline product removes the need to move tape by capturing and encoding programming for cable VOD delivery, as well as archiving and dubbing content to Blu-ray media.

In the first week of Q4 2010, the Outdoor Channel saved 20 hours alone and eliminated manual processing when 48 shows were automatically processed using Telestream systems, according to both companies.

The Outdoor Channel upgraded from Telestream’s FlipFactory to a pair of Vantage enterprise-class server software systems. Vantage transcodes files from the facility’s Harris digital archive system to enable editing prior to reairing. It also transcodes files into Web/broadband formats for the website, and into formats required by the production department for international content delivery.

Further, Vantage and Pipeline integrate with the Outdoor Channel’s master control system to enable real-time encoding and delivery of Cablelabs VOD format.

Pipeline provides faster video capture for programming that still arrives on tape and creates a digital file for quality control and closed-captioning purposes. For master control, Pipeline combines with Telestream’s Episode Pro software running on Apple hardware to create dubs, log show information, and record HD content for playback by ad sales and marketing.