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Orad to Launch PowerPlay MAM for Sports at IBC

AMSTERDAM: Orad and IBIS will introduce PowerPlay, a fast turnaround sports media asset management solution at IBC in Amsterdam, Sept. 9-13. PowerPlay is the first solution to come out of Orad's investment in IBIS earlier this year.

PowerPlay is a turnkey solution which manages live sports productions from ingest, through instant highlight editing, to dedicated sports media asset management in a post-production environment. Combining Orad's PlayMaker sports replay server and the IBIS iFind sophisticated Media Management solution, PowerPlay focuses on fast turnaround for large scale sporting events such tournaments, leagues and championships. PowerPlay can be implemented both in the studio and in OB Van environments.

In a studio environment, when airing dozens of live sports events every week, PowerPlay ingests and edits highlights for immediate use. Each clipped highlight is tagged and immediately moved into the main storage and database, making it available for all journalists and production teams.

PowerPlay’s workflow streamlines the production effort as no extra logging is required and all highlights are tagged and available for immediate use in post-production. It opens new opportunities for production teams, as all past material is instantly searchable and available. With its simple web interface, journalists can search the database, review proxy versions for footage, and create rough-cut editing. Once created, PowerPlay extracts an EDL (edit decisions list) and will push it to the NLE environment with all the relevant clips in high resolution. When the NLE finishes rendering the final movie, it will automatically be transferred back to PlayMaker for playout.

Orad will be in Booth 7.B27.