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Orad supplies 3D graphics to RTL Group’s M6 for France’ ‘Nouvelle Star’

For the first time in French television history the M6 Network broadcast programming in 3-D, with graphics created with Orad Hi-Tech Solutions' stereographics platform. Using the Orad technology and software tools, M6 was able to render and display captivating 3D graphics in real time for the production of the French Pop Idol show called “Nouvelle Star.”

Since "Nouvelle Star" is produced in front of a live audience, it was critical that the operator be able to make ad hoc adjustments in real time. With Orad's stereographics solution, M6 can update data, videos, and textures in real time, control the depth dimension of the graphics, and fully control stereo parameters such as interaxial (eye separator) and convergence.

TV service provider Orange distributed M6’s French pop idol production via fiber to French homes.