Orad RealSet Augmented Reality and PowerWall Enhances RBC TV

JERSEY CITY, N.J.—RBC TV, Russia’s 24-hour news channel, has enhanced its studio news production workflow with Orad’s RealSet Augmented Reality and PowerWall 4k resolution graphics. The combination creates a new on-air look with graphics projected across 10 55-inch monitors.

The Orad-driven workflow lets RBC TV display financial, electoral and numerical data as 3D virtual graphs with X- and Y-axes. The graphs are projected onto the set, providing viewers with real-time visualization of the numerical data in a readable, digestible format. RBC TV also incorporates Orad’s Interact, which controls graphics for the augmented reality and video wall using an iPad.

“The ability to project data using 3D graphics is very exciting for RBC. It is also far more appealing for our viewers to see the complex information in an easy-to-read, aesthetically pleasing format,” said Gleb Shagun, RBC TV’s chief producer. “The addition of 3D graphics along with virtual walls and augmented reality gives RBC a substantial edge over other 24-hour news broadcasters and puts us on the map as technical leaders and innovators in our field.”