OmniBus Systems Announces OPUS News & Sports Logging System

OmniBus Systems has announced the introduction of a new system for logging applications in fast-paced news and sports productions.

OPUS News & Sports Logging is an integrated toolset designed to give news and sports operations the ability to manage content in real time and across multiple systems.

"We designed the news and sports logging component of our OPUS content management and workflow suite to enhance and automate the live production environment through flexible real-time logging and rapid access to stored and logged content," said John Wadle, vide president of technology at OmniBus.

The system will allow broadcasters to quickly air breaking news segments and sports segments. It provides capabilities for capturing key frames and allowing users to build storyboards, as well as for reviewing and filtering logged events.

The system works with the company's Colossus transmission automation and Headline news suites, as well as with other automation and newsroom systems.