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OmniBus supplies content management infrastructure for Dutch broadcaster NOB

OmniBus Systems is providing a comprehensive content management system to the Dutch broadcast facilitator NOB as part of an extensive, multimillion-Euro digital upgrade at its Hilversum facility. NOB, which provides transmission services for the network of public broadcasters in the Netherlands, is replacing its traditional digital videotape operation with a new server-based, tapeless environment.

The project has been designed to streamline the way the broadcasters work with NOB. Key elements include file-based program essence and metadata transfers from multiple parties to one central repository used for play-out, Internet, and archiving, as well as close integration with the Dutch national media archive (Beeld en Geluid).

In the new system, OmniBus’ G3 architecture will control the movement of high-resolution material from its arrival in the NOB facility by file transfer or tape. OmniBus workflow will then direct it through the QC process and enable a low-resolution copy to be made.

OmniBus will subsequently move the material to the central storage and, if it’s not needed immediately, onto a near-line archive. The NOB management system will generate playlists, and OmniBus will retrieve content from the central server or tape storage before moving it to the transmission suites that feature existing OmniBus automation.

The company is integrating its equipment with Blue Order's Media Archive, enabling the interchange of data between automation and media asset management. This allows operators to control workflows including ingest, transcoding, archive management, search, browse, partial file restore, and content delivery.

There is also integration between OmniBus and the NOB's traffic system from MediaGeniX. The project's system integrator is Sony Netherlands, and NOB is scheduled to migrate to the new system in January 2005.

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