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OmniBus ships automation module for iTX platform

OmniBus is shipping version 1.2 of iTX, its next-generation broadcast automation, master control and playout technology.

iTX version 1.2 extends the system for broadcast, Web streaming, mobile TV and business continuity applications. It also supports 1080p24 playout capability.

iTX 1.2’s enhancements include schedule preview; reference file support allowing direct content read and playout of Omneon files from within iTX; multiple language support with instant language track reassignment and support for Omneon language stacking; and a flexible audio engine with native Dolby surround encoding and input/output remapping.

There’s also support for multiregional breaks and opt-outs; automated insertion of evergreen content for disaster recovery; capabilities for newsflash and roll-under situations; closed captions; enhanced control of a wide range of external devices such as routers, VTRs, subtitlers and graphics systems; and live instant playback for news and sports programming.

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