Omneon Spectrum supports 96 languages for LDS global broadcasts

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has implemented an Omneon Spectrum media server system for the playout of church programming worldwide, with support for audio in 96 different languages. The Spectrum system enables the church to record 96 live audio channels and play out video and the complement of language tracks appropriate to each satellite transponder and its target broadcast area. The church maintains a broadcast network that reaches local church buildings across the globe, and these are the primary targets of its multilingual program offerings. The Omneon media server manages audio as a collection of discrete tracks, and this approach makes it easy for church staff to make simple edits to different tracks without taking apart a multiplexed signal and rebuilding it for broadcast.

All content ingested into the Spectrum system is recorded in HD, but programming is delivered via satellite in SD to maintain lower bandwidth requirements. During transmission, four different satellite transponders accept a selection of the 96 audio channels, and each transponder delivers between 20 and 40 outbound channels along with the video feed. The Spectrum server, which operates under the control of NVERZION automation, uses dedicated players to deliver a different combination of language tracks to each transponder.