Olympics: Panasonic Hosting HD 3D Pavilion

If you’re lucky enough to be in Vancouver during the Olympics, you may be able to not only see some of the festivities live and in-person — but also via 1080p in 3D. (You could probably get a lively debate going over which way of viewing is better!)

Panasonic will be hosting what it’s calling its Full HD 3D Theater near the games that will feature two 1080p 3D theaters. The viewing zone, located in LiveCity Vancouver Yaletown, is open for public viewing for the 17-day duration of the Olympics. Yaletown has been designated the “official celebration site” of the games by local Olympics organizers.

Panasonic, in a long-range series of promotional events to increase public awareness of 3D in the home, said that it and other makers plan to start shipping to some retailers later this year and will screen Friday night’s Opening Ceremony and highlights footage of the 2010 games starting this weekend.