OCP software lets operators control existing cameras for 3-D production

HD video camera manufacturers are extending the functionality of their complementary camera operational control panels (OCP) to 3-D production through the availability of new software upgrades that enable an OCP to control twp cameras simultaneously. For example, when an iris adjustment is made on one camera, the other camera is adjusted simultaneously to keep the lenses and look identical across cameras. All of the normal OCP capabilities, such as setting shading levels, black levels and filter wheels, are all possible with this new software.

“We’re trying to allow customers to use the cameras they have for 3-D,” said Alan Keil, vice president and director of engineering for Ikegami. The company recently added the stereo adjustment functionality for its OCP-200 and MCP-200. Ikegami developed the network-based MCP-200 as an option for customers who desire a shared panel for centralized setup or maintenance. This allows a single operator to control up to 100 cameras. The OCP-200 includes a touch-screen LCD control panel, which allows users to select how much control they need.

Grass Valley and Sony make their own versions, the OCP 400 and OCP 300, respectively, which offer similar stereographic (left-eye, right-eye) camera adjustments.

Each manufacturer’s OCP must be paired with that company’s cameras; they cannot control other brands.