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NVISION introduces affordable compact router for HD

NVISION has a made limited time offer for an affordable super-wide-bandwidth compact HD router for all broadcast and video production facilities to easily integrate HD routing capability. The package includes a 16 x 16 1RU HD compact router, a control panel and a remote panel expansion kit. It can also route AES and SD-SDI signals, which enables smaller facilities to economically migrate from analog to digital, and integrate HD at the same time.

The offering is available until Oct. 31, 2007.

The Compact Router Series (which won an NAB2007 Broadcast Engineering Pick Hit award) is based on NVISION’s large router technology, complete with the same error-free switching, high performance and system scalability.

The Compact Router product line is a future-proofed investment. Designed as a series of compact building blocks, facilities can add or reconfigure system implementations in their facility as their needs change or grow. For example, users can easily expand the HD router package with more levels of routing, or create a small network by adding other Compact Router building blocks such as a Dynamic Port Router with bidirectional data routing; a 3Gig router or a 32 x 32 router of any format; and control panels.

The Compact Router Series operates in simple networks, with up to four routers and 16 remote control panels configured as a router/panel network. For larger systems, Compact Routers can be easily integrated with entire NVISION product line of large routers and control systems.

For the end user, the series provides affordable high performance and savings on power, rack space and cabling.

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