NVISION adds new features to enterprise-class routers

Miranda Technologies has strengthened its NVISION 8500 Enterprise Class 3Gb/s/HD/SD routers with new integral de-embedding, shuffling and re-embedding capabilities.

Using hybrid-switching technology, every frame in the family can now de-embed, route and re-embed up to 16 channels of mono audio per video input and output in a completely non-blocking audio/video switch. This is achieved without affecting the router’s crosspoint redundancy, cable management and cooling design.

The NVISION 8500 routers with embedded audio shuffling are ideal for use in production trucks, where space and cable management are critical. Integrating de-embedding, embedding and mono audio channel shuffling within a router eliminates numerous outboard cards, card frames and interframe cabling, while also reducing power consumption.

Using two 32RU frames, the NVISION 8500 can provide up to 1024 video inputs and outputs, each with 16 mono audio channels providing a combined 1024 square and 16,384 square video/audio router. The hybrid embed/de-embed cards can be mixed and matched with standard video cards, creating a nearly infinite number of configurations. The hybrid cards can be installed in any 8500 family frame, from 144 x 144 to 1152 x 1152.

The NVISION 9000 control system provides advanced control of audio/video levels and breakaway, including mono audio. Using the 9000’s advanced path finding allows users to optimize the use of hybrid I/O modules, including breakaway. In most cases, only a portion of the router requires hybrid capability to deliver the required audio performance, and this minimizes the cost.

The Nvision 9000 router control system offers a wide variety of highly flexible hardware and software control panels. This highly configurable control system provides sophisticated multihop, tie line management and SNMP support.