NVIDIA introduces Quadro digital video pipeline

At IBC2009, NVIDIA introduced its Quadro digital video pipeline, an integrated, GPU-based platform for real-time acquisition, processing and delivery of high-resolution video.

The Quadro digital video pipeline, based on the NVIDIA CUDA parallel-computing architecture, is a complete solution designed for broadcast, new media and film production professionals. This system delivers fast graphics processing for video production in a workstation or server-based platform.

The pipeline allows users to incorporate higher-quality, graphic-rich effects and virtual sets into live broadcasts. By providing a direct path for image processing into and out of the NVIDIA Quadro graphics processing unit, broadcasters are able to use this system to create virtual effects.

The system allows a single workstation to process live feeds from four simultaneous HD cameras, reducing the cost of virtual studio solutions. The raw graphics horsepower of the Quadro also enables broadcasters to create more compelling virtual environments that are up to five times more detailed.

The Quadro digital video pipeline is a complete, integrated solution that incorporates SDI video capture, two- and three-dimensional visual effects creation and SDI video output.