Norway’s NRK distributes news content with Network Electronics

The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) has chosen a Network Electronics VikinX 256 x 256 router to support its new digital newsroom. NRK is using the router to distribute existing SD programming as well as new HD content for a 24-hour news channel.

The VikinX modular router has been integrated with an OmniBus automation and control system. Network Electronics will also provide training and integration assistance to ensure that the project deploys effortlessly.

VikinX Modular routers accommodate a wide range of signal formats, such as HD-SDI, SD-SDI, analog audio, AES/EBU audio and telecom, and include the ability to mix and match signals in the same frame. All modular components are front-loaded and hot-swappable. VikinX Modular allows configurations up to 256 x 256, in increments of 32 x 32.

With the 256 x 256 VikinX router, Network Electronics has introduced the Bridge Line concept, which leverages a 16-signal-wide bus to route any signal in the router through Flashlink signal processing and fiber-optic devices. Bridge lines make it possible to internally switch line or frame-synchronizers, A/D and D/A converters or fiber-optic interfaces into the signal path, enabling signal error suppression, domain conversion, fiber-optic conversion and trunking. All VikinX modular frames offer TCP/IP interconnectivity for remote routing operation, whether the router is in the next room or on another continent.

In related news, Network Electronics completed its acquisition of Video Products Group (VPG) of Oxnard, CA. VPG provides professional video/audio transport systems for local and wide area networks.

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