Nielsen Expands Across 15 Online Ad Platforms

New York–Nielsen, a provider of insights into what consumer viewing and purchasing habits, announced the expansion of the Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings initiative, which helps marketers to determine the success of their ads through demographic information.

Participants of the initiative are integrating Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings, which launched in December 2012, into their platforms and delivering the metrics directly to their clients. Connecting to the data through an application programming interface allows the ad platforms to facilitate operations and differentiate their offerings. The ad platforms can also enable their clients to use Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings to improve their ability to set up audience guarantees.

“Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings provides the kind of trusted, TV-comparable online data that our customers want, so we’ve embedded access to the data within our products with an ‘always-on’ policy that allows our clients to use it throughout the buying process,” said Vijay Rao, vice president of client strategy at

Nielsen’s Executive Vice President of Global Media Products Amit Seth said, “The platforms that sit between the buy and sell sides are the nerve-center of online advertising, where advertisers and publishers extract the maximum mileage out of their spend and inventory respectively.”

The participating ad platforms include the following:
▪Jivox Corporation
▪LiveRail Inc.

Scott Ferber, chairman and CEO at Videology said, “We have integrated Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings into all aspects of our planning, decision-making and measurement systems, to enhance advertisers’ ability to consistently reach their optimal audience based on Nielsen reporting.”
“We believe it’s critically important that marketers tie GRP data directly to the effectiveness of their advertising,” explained Anthony Risicato, General Manager of VideoHub. “Now, with VideoHub, marketers have a platform to measure their ratings and also know if/where/why those ratings are having an impact – in real-time, anywhere they are running video campaigns.”
Nielsen expects to deliver case studies from this initiative beginning this fall.