NEXUS server offers longer recording time

LEIGHTRONIX, a supplier of TV automation and digital video servers, has revised the file system in its NEXUS video server for increased digital video recording capabilities.

The new NEXUS file system lifts the limits on actual MPEG AV file sizes and supports recording lengths well beyond typical programming needs. The new file system allows each recording session to continue without interruption for almost 24 hours while maintaining MPEG-2 AV bit rates, the company said.

The new device is designed for live situations, such as city council meetings, court proceedings, legislatures or other events where program lengths can exceed six hours.

For MPEG program files created outside of the NEXUS, such as files output from nonlinear editing systems, accelerated file transfer speeds rapidly move all digital media files to/from NEXUS online storage. Total Backup, a recently introduced media backup utility, also receives a boost to decrease the overall time needed to download NEXUS online media files to local storage areas.

The new file transfer recovery feature helps to save time that could be lost during network interruptions. In the event of a lost connection during a file transfer, the user can reinitiate a file transfer rather than start over from the beginning. The NEXUS will pick up where it left off, decreasing data transfer wait times.

The company said software/firmware upgrades for the new feature would be free to existing NEXUS customers.

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