NextComputing introduces NextDimension Evo, Evo HD

NextComputing has added two new products to its NextDimension family of flextop computers, the NextDimension Evo and NextDimension Evo HD.

The NextDimension Evo and Evo HD both retain flextop features, like open-standards architecture, flexible I/O options, upgradeability, high performance processing and extreme graphics capabilities. The Evo models significantly increase open standards I/O options, maximizing the flexibility to customize for specific applications.

The Evo is intended for use as a workstation and/or server in the smallest form-factor available. The Evo HD features an integrated HD display.

Features of both include:

  • One or two single- or dual-core AMD Opteron processors with Direct Connect Architecture, up to 16GB DDRAM
  • Three GigE ports
  • Up to two quick-time removable HDDs totaling 320GB, and support for all major 32- and 64-bit environments.

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