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Next iPhones to Handle High-Definition Video

CUPERTINO, CALIF.: The next generation of iPhones will be able to capture and display hi-def video, according to several reports. Electronista parsed the software development kit and discovered a preference listing that implies the capability of 720p video playback, “and possibly capture,” it says.

“The MediaValidator preferences list file for the now allows videos as wide as 1280 pixels and a total 921,000 pixel count, or enough to match the 1280x720 resolution of 720p. It similarly recognizes the AVC 3.1 codec profile necessary to allow 720p footage,” Electronistareports.

Other sites, including Engadget, speculate that the new model will have a front-facing, five-megapixel camera.

The new iPad, which went on sale over the weekend, can play 720p video. Several other handsets can capture and play hi-def video, including the Samsung Wave and Sprint’s Android-powered HTC EVO 4G.The new iPhone HD is expected to debut in June.