Nexidia Announces Dialogue Search v2.0

ATLANTA – Nexidia has announced the latest version of its Dialogue Search, a system that is able to search for any spoken word or phrase across media libraries. Version 2.0 seeks to streamline and enrich user experience, access new stores of media and leverage existing metadata.

Dialogue Search v2.0 integrates the ability to index and search media and metadata managed by Avid Interplay MAM. With Avid’s Interplay Web Services, assets are automatically discovered and Dialogue Search’s indexes are kept in sync as assets are added and removed from Interplay. Results can be played in the Dialogue Search interface using Avid’s ICPS player and search results can be published back into Interplay as markers, enabling users to immediately access the results in Interplay.

A new interface is also available in v2.0. The new interface enables advanced filtering to fine-tune results and will automatically suggest filters to easily navigate media results, including organizing results into “project bins.” It also comes with the ability to dock and undock panels to create a custom application. Version 2.0 also includes full-text search and filtering of all metadata fields across all available sources.

Dialogue Search v2.0 will be on display during the 2015 NAB Show, which runs from April 11-16 in Las Vegas.