NewTek unveils new HD production tools

NewTek has released its new 3Play 820, a 10-channel, slow-motion instant-replay server that supports simultaneous, continuous recording from up to eight sources, with two fully independent playout channels. Interpolated slow motion delivers smooth playback and ensures that still frames are free of ghosting or blurring. It uses NewTek’s IsoCorder multitrack recording technology and supports a vast range of video and film formats as well as linear time code for synchronized capture of live action and efficient post production.

The 3Play 820 supports multiple playlists, including transitions and sound tracks, and can capture content from live video inputs to the destination drives of choice with support for writing a single channel to two simultaneous drives for fail safety when required. It also comes with a full-featured hardware control surface. Its 4U rack-mount design includes always on-air, multitiered fail-safe systems and redundant hardware

NewTek also recently released the feature-rich TriCaster 850 EXTREME. It also includes IsoCorder multitrack recording technology, which provides the ability to record up to eight channels of video from either inputs or outputs. It offers additional benefits such as direct support for any Apple AirPlay-enabled app or device, plus EQ and compressor/limiter capabilities on every audio input and output.

It can deliver transitions embedded with full-color, motion video effects and audio from a total of 11 animation stores. The included Animation Store Creator is a transition editor that enables users to author custom animation store transitions using their own preferred graphics software tools to prepare the animation sequences. It also lets users configure, store and import favorite streaming setups as presets and use the integrated Web browser to access online CDN accounts to manage, test or view shows, even during live production.

Another feature of the TriCaster 850 EXTREME is the addition of a quick response code in the user interface. With this users can click a button in the title bar on TriCaster’s Live Desktop to reveal the code, scan it and have immediate access to the TriCaster 850 User Guide without interrupting their live production.