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NewTek Rolls Out New TriCaster Portable Studio

NewTek is now offering an entry-level portable live video production system, the TriCaster 40. The system joins the San Antonio, Texas-company’s full line of compact production systems for real-time video origination. It’s priced at less than $5,000.

"With the TriCaster 40, our goal is to make high quality broadcast video accessible to virtually any creative person and company who quite simply could not have fulfilled their vision before," said Dr. Andrew Cross, NewTek’s chief technology officer. "The opportunities for this new breed of media producer continue to expand, as we see exponential growth in online viewing, as reported by the many leading organizations that track media consumption and viewership. TriCaster 40 not only brings people an unprecedented level of production quality, but also gives them the ability to reach their audience in a way--and at a price--never before possible."

The system provides full-resolution HD multicamera capability live production and streaming applications. The desktop package includes video switching capability, as well as graphics creation, keying, video effects, media playback, virtual sets, recording and built-in streaming.