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New Zoom Rooms Release Supports NDI

(Image credit: NDI)

BERGEN, Norway—The  popular video over IP format, NDI, is now supported in the newest version of Zoom Rooms. 

NDI technology connects media devices over a network and is widely used in the production of live streaming content. NDI 5 as the latest iteration of the format. 

The move further expands use of NDI, a Vizrt Group brand, in video collaboration technologies. NDI was adopted by Zoom for MacOS and Microsoft Teams in 2020, and Skype in 2018. 

With the support for Zoom Rooms, producers can now use NDI for Zoom Rooms as a live video source to create stories.

While Zoom Rooms is widely used for corporate meetings, the move could also have a variety of applications in news organizations. For example, live video streams from the mobile phones of reporters in the field could be used by news stations and newscasts could use it to bring in multiple guests and presenters from around the world for audio and video streams.

“The pace at which global video communication platforms have grown to support the unique needs of their customers over the past year is impressive,” says Michael Namatinia, president and general managers of NDI. “Zoom is the latest video communications platform to embrace NDI, allowing their customers to do more with their video streams, and opens up a whole new world of video creation for them.”

“Innovation is one of our key areas, and our investments here at Zoom are completely customer-centric,” says Brendan Ittelson, chief technology officer at Zoom. “We have received feedback from producers that NDI technology is key to live production and something that they have wanted for a while. With our support for NDI we wanted to make sure that we delivered something to our customers that was a full package and gives our customers an amazing experience and works exactly the way they’d expect it to.”