New York Jets Select LiveU Technology

HACKENSACK, N.J.– LiveU has partnered with the NFL’s New York Jets to provide the team’s live video technology solution. LiveU’s LU500 video transmission backpack allows the Jets digital media team to transmit live video from any location directly to the team’s website, mobile app and post-production facility. Currently, with the use of LiveU’s technology, fans can tune in for live coverage of the team’s pre- and postgame shows, as well as, selected press conferences and special team events throughout the week.

Weighing 2.2 pounds/1 kilogram, LiveU’s LU500 live video backpack offers up to 13 network links, including eight internal cellular modems and proprietary antenna technology for video transmission from remote areas without the need for satellite trucks, running cables, or any line-of-sight restrictions.

The Jets digital media team started using the LU500 in the 2014 preseason to support the team’s training camp programming. After the successful debut of the first unit, the team quickly decided it needed a second LU500 field unit in order to capture all the live footage it needed. Throughout the 2014 season, the Jets are able to stream live video from nearly any spot, both at home and on the road, including from the sideline, locker room, stadium tunnels, team hotels and buses, practice facilities, and much more. The LU500 can be fully controlled and managed via LiveU Central, a cloud-based management system for a one-stop destination to control, monitor, and manage all LiveU units, servers, and apps.