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New Interactive Technology Revealed by Ionoco

International broadcast technology company ionoco has announced that it has partnered with the German firm Elektrosil in producing multipoint touch screen broadcast-related applications. The technology will allow users to manipulate objects on screen in 3D via up to 32 “pressure points.” The system even allows multiple objects to be selected for rotation, flipping or zooming in or out by users.

“In order to meet the increasing technological demands of the broadcast and game show markets, we have been working on the development of cutting-edge, futuristic technologies,” said Simon Ingram, CEO of ionoco. “These technologies for live interaction, on set and at home, can be integrated into phone, web and mobile applications to deliver engaging, dramatic formats. They also have numerous applications such as for live events and digital signage.”

The interactive applications are powered by iconco’s ionologic proprietary software engine. The company has also been working to develop an interactive glove appliance that allows wearers to manipulate objects within a three-dimensional on-screen environment.